Learning from 2019 and Preparing for the Best Year Yet

Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions. I know you… while drinking your coffee New Year’s Eve morning you think about what worked, what you would have changed, the struggles, and the surprise blessings. You may even go a step further and pull out your phone to go back through pictures from the previous year; it punches you in the gut how much the kids have changed. How time flies… you promise yourself that you’ll be more intentional this coming year.

I did that same thing. I thought about all the blessings that 2019 brought and the biggest unexpected surprise that happened to me. You can read more about that in this post HERE. 

I also thought about changes for the next year and what I would like to do differently. Here’s what I arrived at... 

Rustic reclaimed wood table

I started making my vintage framed signs because I lovvvvvve wood-working… and in particular with reclaimed wood. You can read more about how I got started wood-working in this blog post HERE.

I kept making them and will keep making them for this reason that you can read in this post HERE.

holding vintage framed signs

But when I thought about what I wanted for the future of Weathered Wood Home… it wasn’t about signs. It honestly never was either.

It started with me pursuing my creativity and passion, lead me to you and your home in which I get to be a part of, and now has lead me back to sharing and teaching my passion with you!  

I’ve realized that what comes naturally to me with wood-working is not the case for most everyone I meet. And I want to change that! 

using power tools

Until now, I’ve only shared with you the signs that I’ve made. I’ve stayed pretty private; I haven’t shared too many behind-the-scenes and I’ve downplayed my experience with building. But shame on me for not including you more in the process! I could have been helping you learn the same tips, tricks, and techniques that I’ve learned over the years. I could have been inspiring you and teaching you my passion that could turn into your passion!

truck full of chippy white wood

So while I’ll still be hunting for reclaimed wood to make my vintage framed signs, I’ll be exploring a new creative journey as well. I’ll be blogging here every week and posting How-To videos on YouTube teaching you everything I know about using tools, DIY projects, finding architectural salvage and antiques, showing you how you can turn those vintage pieces into functional items in your home, and so.much.more!

I have felt held back before because I’m still learning too. I wondered "who am I to teach?" But here’s the deal, even if I’m only one step ahead of you, how fun will this be to go on this journey together?! Being able to inspire you and then see you gain the confidence and pride I got when I first learned these techniques… priceless!!! 

hanging up a coat rack

This new creative outlet will be more fulfilling for me than I can even explain. I’m so excited to share with you all my tips, tricks, lessons, and secrets! 

I’m excited to work with you to Reclaim Your Home!!!

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  • I’m thrilled about your decision to share your knowledge of woodworking! I can’t wait!

    Shanie Sellers

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