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Why I'm So Passionate About Helping You Reclaim Your Home

The reason I started this business and why it’s so important to me stems from my passion for making a house a home. It sounds so cliche, but I promise you I’m not meaning it in a light way. To read the full story about the impact a home can have click HERE. That post explains my story, but I want to talk about your story.

What do you want your home to say about you? Would your style reflect you? Would it look like you, smell like you, feel like you?  

outdoor patio fireplace

I’m pretty sure if you walked into my home you’d get a sense of who I am. I don’t wear a whole lot of color and my home decor is mostly neutral. I love wildflowers and unfussy decor so when you visit during the summer you’ll find a mason jar filled with wildflowers we picked along the gravel road. I always burn the same cozy candle that smells like apple cider on the first chilly day in fall. My feet are always cold so I have soft, cozy throw blankets in every room. Do you see where I’m going with this? 

rustic reclaimed wood sign

(photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/myrustichouse/)

I’m not focused on style and home decor when it comes to how I want my home to feel. Sure those things are important… no doubt you can tell I love chippy paint and architectural salvage in my home, but more than that you can tell that I love pieces with character and history. You can tell that I don’t follow trends and appreciate uniqueness. You can tell I embrace the perfectly imperfect.

chippy white porch column candle holders

My passion for wood-working, leaving behind a piece of myself and helping others bring a unique piece into their home lead me to make my vintage framed signs. Now my “why” has grown into more. I feel so inspired to share and teach you how you can create your own unique home. Whether it’s through home decor, repurposing projects, or learning how to DIY, I’m so passionate about helping you step out of the unwillable rat race of following trends. 

I want to help you find your style and what reflects you. 

using a drill to attach a hook

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