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Our Boutique is Opening May 15, 2021!

So I've been able to give you a little background about my business journey HERE and have showed you my new "old" workshop HERE, but now I want to share with you why all of this is exciting for you!

This building is set up perfectly to be a workshop and shipping space for my business, but it also has an area in the front that would be amazing for a boutique!  I'm so excited to let you in on my plans for a future retail space and bring you along in the journey as I expand in my business.


What I really want for the front retail space is for everyone to feel the comfort of home when they come through the door.  I want it to be a shopping experience where it feels cozy and comforting.  I want it to reflect my personal values of quality over quantity, meaningful over more.  I want the products to be from other makers and small shops from across the United States who I've personally worked with and love.  If you can find it in a big-box store, sorry it won't be in mine.  I want a strong appreciation and emphasis to be on supporting our American made shops and I want highlight those makers and their stories.  I want to share their talents and support their small business just as other's have supported mine.  I want you to feel excited for fall as you walk in and smell a pumpkin candle burning.  I want you to feel nostalgic in December when you see all the lights in the window and hear the Christmas music.  During the spring I want to have flower boxes out front full of fresh greenery and I would love to have live music during the summer.  While I love the convenience that my online shop offers, I want my brick and mortar shop to make you feel happy.  

I also want it to be a go-to place to find vintage treasures!  I will always for searching for my personal favorites and then displaying them for you in ways that will show you how you can use them in your home.  I plan to display some pieces of furniture that I could make for anyone wanting a custom piece for their home.  So whether you're wanting a large dining room table or a candle, Weathered Wood Home will be a place where you can find a quality piece while having an enjoyable shopping experience.  My dream would be that I could play a role in drawing people in from out-of-town.  Our small quaint town has so much to offer visitors!  I'm going to write a whole other post all about what one can find here to do in the Flint Hills because there's SO much but it's a hidden and unknown gem to most people.

And if you live in another state or country and can't make the trip to physically see the store, no worries!  I'm going to bring the store to you!  I'll be listing what I offer in the store online as well so everyone can truly be a part of supporting this new and fun adventure!

Truly if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to make this little dream of mine come true.  So thank you always for all your support!  Just by reading this post you are supporting my business and family and it means the world to me! 

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