Our NEW Weathered Wood HOME!

Well friend, I'm still pinching myself as I write this... I have such exciting news to tell you!!

Weathered Wood Home will soon be a brick and mortar store!!

I've taken a leap (a giant leap during uncertain times... no pressure right?!) and am finally getting my very own workshop with a space for you to shop with me in person!!  There's so much to tell you so I want to break this down easily: just a little background story about the growth of Weathered Wood Home, more information about the new space and the history of it, and what the plans are going forward.

Let me begin by saying, it's amazing how God's timing works!  You can read this post here to see how I got started with my passion, but now let me tell you how my passion became my hobby turned business.  It was 2013 and I was pregnant with Jace.  I had been building a few pieces of furniture for my home and others were starting to notice my new hobby.  A lady in our town was putting together a vintage market and asked if I wanted to be a vendor.  Even though I was in my beginning trimester and not feeling well at all I signed up and started brainstorming what I was put in my space for the event.  I wanted to build a few pieces of furniture and set up the space to look like a staged room.  I made some smaller crafts to fill in and ironically I remember hating making the signs.  I called my little booth "L Interiors".  It was so much fun to see my plan and vision come to life.  And to make the experience even better, I sold almost everything I made (even my backdrop!)

I remember loving the experience so much that I started to brainstorm about having a booth in the antique shop in our town.  Once that idea was planted in my head, it never really left.  I wanted so badly to have my furniture displayed and sold in town, I even looked into buying a store before I had a business, or a plan, or customers... and those things are a little important ;)

Realizing that I was "jumping the gun", I backed off from that idea and decided my little space needed to be on the internet.  It would be a good area to start and grow because I could learn, tweak, and perfect my business with little risk plus I could find and reach people from all over the country or even the world who would love what I could offer.  So Weathered Wood Home was born on the web.

I remember those beginning times working in my garage.  I put every workbench on wheels because the only way I had enough space was to pull my car out and wheel my benches around to give me enough room.  I remember having anxiety every time a storm would come because my nice car was parked outside vulnerable to hail damage while my old wood pile remained in the garage safe and sound.  I loved working out there in the spring, summer, and fall... but winters were cold.  And I wanted to be able to actually use my garage to park my car in when it was snowing.

So I moved my "shop" to a wall in my husband's shop building where it was heated and I had more space.  I loved it even though it still wasn't ideal.  I had to carry all my signs back to my house to photograph, store them in our basement, and then carry them back upstairs to ship out of my kitchen.  And I forgot to mention that my husband works on his equipment during the winter so while in his shop I got to breathe in diesel and manure fumes.

I was saving every penny I earned to have my own workshop.  While looking into a building in town to use a workspace, Covid-19 hit and I was left trying to decide whether or not to move forward with my plans.  The timing wouldn't seem to make sense to most people, it still doesn't make sense to me either.  But I know that I need to take this opportunity to grow and so here we are!

And this new workspace couldn't fit my style any better!  It's got the history and character that I cherish and I love how I've been able to reclaim, repurpose, and renew it.  I already feel at home there and can't wait to show you what it looks like in this blog post here!  

(Jace sitting on my first large shipment- November 2017)

(Jace standing by my largest shipment- December 2020)

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