The One Antique I've Always Wanted

Antiques and vintage finds are so special because they come with a story.  They have history and show character that's been developed over time.  Every story has wear and tear and imperfection on display.  It's those details that I treasure and the story that draws me in.  

I considered building a new workshop to work out of.  But you know me, I'm passionate about reclaiming, repurposing, and renewing something.  So when I walked into this old building I knew it would be my ultimate antique find.  It would be the largest and best piece of history I would get to breathe new life in.  Of course it looked rough, it had been through a lot!  I was told many people had looked at it and passed it by, which I understand completely! 

Not everyone can either 1. see the potential or 2. are willing to do the work. I'm not saying this in a bragging way at all, but I can do both of those things... it's actually exactly what I do with my signs. While others have looked at old wood scraps and saw a burn pile, I saw a unique piece of art for someone's home. While others have possibly had that same vision, they may have soon found out that it's a LOT more work to bring something back to life than it is to simply purchase something new. But there is a reward you get it that's indescribable when breathe new life into something left for dead. The feeling I get when I make my frames is now on steroids with the old building.

The building was built in 1887... so it's OLD!  I'm excited to find out all I can about it's history, but here's a bit of what I know now about it.  At some point it belonged to Mrs. J.J. Crowley and I can't wait to know more about this boss lady.  To think that my building was owned and run by a woman from the beginning is AMAZING!!!!  That so far is the coolest part of this building to me!  Once I find out more information about her I will let you know!

It's been through many other businesses since then.  I've heard some stories of under-ground gambling taking place and we've even found hidden vanilla extract bottles under the floor where bootleggers were concealing and hiding their liquor.  Oh if those walls could talk right?! 


I feel so blessed to now be a part of this building's history and I hope I do it justice.  I really want to bring out it's original beauty and uncover what's been hidden for so long.  I have exciting plans for this new "old" building and you can read all about them in this blog post HERE.  Thank you for coming along with me in this journey!

(Matt and I with the previous owners, Bod and Christy Alexander with Alexander Artworks after we closed on the building)

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