Welcome to Weathered Wood Home

Hi, my name is Lindsey. Welcome to Weathered Wood Home! 

This is a place where you can learn how to build with and use reclaimed materials in your home to help give it more character and rustic style while making it unique to you. 

I live in the flint hills of Kansas and have access to many antique shops and salvage mills, which is such a blessing since I love anything chippy or rusty, weathered and rustic. 

I’ve learned over the years how to repurpose something salvaged into a new and functional piece for my home. 

Antique shop sign

Maybe you’d like to add some vintage pieces to your home but aren’t sure where to find them and then what exactly you could use them for. Or you’d love to DIY but find tools intimidating.   

I felt that exact way once; which is why I’m so passionate to teach you what I’ve learned and show you simple projects you can do too! You can read more HERE about why I love teaching you what I know. 

Using a miter saw

I’ll teach you at a beginner level how to use those power tools for fun DIY projects. I’ve built almost every piece of furniture in my home and many pieces for friends. And while I’ve been wood-working for over six years, I remember what it was like to be a beginner. You can read about how I got started with wood-working HERE

I’ll also give you tips and advice on where to find antique pieces while giving you inspiration on what you can use them for. Gone are the days where antiques sit behind the glass of a cabinet collecting dust. I’m excited to share with you ways you can build with and use vintage items in a functional way. 

Column candle holders

I even made a free guide for you to download that lists my 50 Favorite Flea Market Finds

And twice a month I write about how to use an item from that list on my blog Weathered Wood Home.

I also share little snapshots of our life here in the flint hills of Kansas because I believe more and more people are craving the country life that I’m blessed to be a part of. 

Countryside apple stand

I hope you’ll follow along here and also subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll never miss a video showing these tutorials that go along with the blog posts! 

You can also follow along with me on Instagram and Pinterest for even more inspiration. 

Together, let’s reclaim your home! 


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