Winter 2021 Box Theme Reveal

RECLAIM : Tradition, Winter 2021 Box 

Christmas Tree

We have all spent entire holiday seasons whipping our spaces into Christmas wonderlands and over-planning our festive parties, in order to create the most idyllic holiday memories for our friends and families. Who here hasn’t attempted to make the perfect handheld appetizers, the most lovely of cocktails, and grab just the right photo with Santa? And, who here hasn’t looked back with a sigh, and realized that the best moments — those most sweetly reflected on — were the traditions based in simplicity. The traditions that occurred almost organically, year after year. 

  • The smells of passed-down family recipes, baking in the oven. 
  • The feel of felt stockings hung by a warm fire.
  • Rediscovering the ornaments that hung on your childhood Christmas trees (and your mother’s childhood Christmas trees, and her mother’s . . .)
  • The sounds of carols softly humming in the background.
  • The taste of steaming hot cocoa on an *almost* frost-bitten tongue. 

These are the traditions worthy of reclamation.

Christmas Traditions

Through this box, that is just what we will do. Six items, lovingly curated and personally enjoyed by myself and my family,, that are designed to spark a new joy in the recreation of old traditions!

Our Winter 2021 RECLAIM : Tradition Box welcomes that deeply soothing desire to go back to those moments. This box is our very first holiday-infused box! Making it all the more special to us. Our first chance to bring you the items that we believe will become new favorites in your household, just as they have become in ours.

It is my Christmas wish that you are inspired to feel this holiday season a bit more deeply, a bit more connected, and with a bit more whimsy. 

Christmas Traditions

In 2020 all of us received a gift . . . let’s all just call it “a gift.” The gift of living through a global pandemic, and realizing how much we can create within the walls of our very own homes. We let go of the Pinterest-perfect ideals, and embraced the quality moments that mean the most to us.

This Christmas season we are working towards stripping away the insta-worthy standard and focusing on the sweet and meaningful. 

Christmas Traditions

Of course, denying this impulse is hard at times. Enjoying the moment in 2021 is hard! 

Missing the perfect picture at the Christmas tree farm, because you stayed present during the hunt is hard. Letting the kids do the cookie decorating instead of you is hard. Buying a pre-made pie crust because you indulged in an extra Christmas movie — that’s hard!

Let’s all take a breath and agree that it’s time to pull out those Christmas memories from our own childhoods, and continue the work of building warm traditions upon them. 

We plan on sipping wine by the Christmas tree while wearing the perfect fuzzy socks, reading our favorite childhood Christmas books to our own kids, and taking the time to thoughtfully decorate our tree while telling the stories of our ornaments’ pasts.

Christmas Traditions

Check back with us here on November 8th for our big launch! 

As our insiders already know, we’ve recently pivoted our direction with these boxes. We are now offering the RECLAIM Box as a quarterly subscription box. This helps us with planning, buying, and availability. We want to ensure that all our friends are able to get their box, and have the opportunity to purchase items from our coordinating mini-market so that you can accentuate the details our RECLAIM : Tradition Subscription Box brings. 

Subscribing and becoming a VIP member are the most effective ways to stay current with us — after all, our first box sold out in just 8 hours! Can you even believe that?

Until next time, I want to know what your sweet, simple traditions are. What memories comfort you every Christmas season? And, who will you share the joy of the RECLAIM : Tradition Box with? Because, you know, this meaningful subscription box is the perfect gift for you and a friend.


You won't want to miss out on snagging this box- so mark your calendar for Monday, November 8th at 8:00 am (CST) to subscribe!


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