What’s in the RECLAIM : Tradition Box and Why

The leaves have fallen from the trees here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Warm drinks and cute jackets are a daily indulgence. And, we are just beginning to give way to Christmas’ beauty in our homes and businesses.

Our insiders have placed their orders, but there is a limited supply of RECLAIM : Tradition boxes still available — thank goodness we ordered a bit deeper this time around!

In the process of creating and distributing these boxes, that I put so much love into curating for you, now is my favorite moment . . . the reveal of what’s inside! Let’s get to it! I’m so excited, can you tell???

North 40 Photography Christmas Print : 

This photo of a red barn covered in snow captured my country-heart. We can think of a million uses for this image in our home . . . to bring the feel of winter magic inside. But, tucking it into a card as a sweet gift, or using the frame included in our last box, gives us all the warm feels too.

Air Mail Mini Market Tote :

We have a tradition with our kids called “Santa Sacks.” Every year the kids grab their sacks and fill them with toys and books they’d like to donate. They set their sacks on the porch for the elves to pick up, and in return, the elves fill them with their yearly Christmas pajamas. We love that this tote could serve as their “Santa Sacks.” It’s such a simple tradition, but it gives our family so much joy and meaning.

You know I’m not going to leave you with just one idea for this sweet tote, though. When purchasing it, I imagined filling them with wrapped Christmas books to open up and read each night. Or, use it to carry food, wine, and little gifts to holiday events and parties. It’s also a lovely way to store all of those wonderful Christmas ornaments/decorations/wrapping supplies/goodies, making it usable 365 days a year!

Fuzzy Socks :

I love fuzzy socks! I mean, who doesn’t? 

Every year I get a new pair of thick, fuzzy socks with festive prints on them because my feet are constantly cold. Traditionally, I tend to be the one to decorate the house for Christmas, but I let Matt and the kids decorate our tree. I always look forward to putting on my cozy, fuzzy socks, pouring a glass of wine, and kicking my feet up, while I watch them enjoy the process of decorating the tree. And, the rest of my winter days are spent tucking into those cozy socks, and cherishing the memories made while wearing them.

Gourmet Popcorn : 

Do you remember buying or receiving those big tins of popcorn every Christmas? Taste is such an important part of memory-making, and I love “reclaiming this tradition” with my own children. 

The flavors of peppermint and hot chocolate make it the perfect Christmas treat for munching on while enjoying your favorite Christmas movie. We’re Team : It’s a Wonderful Life in my household. And every Christmas Eve we watch The Polar Express… the bell still rings for me! How about you?

Peppermint and hot chocolate-flavored popcorn with bits of marshmallow is surely the perfect Christmas treat. We’ll be packing up some of this as we take a ride on Council Grove’s trolley to marvel at the light displays of our homes and businesses. Isn’t our small town the coolest?

2-in-1 Candle Warmer :

I love the flame of a candle, don’t you? But, sometimes it’s best to use a wax warmer if you’re wanting your home to have a constant aroma to it. This warmer is great because you can use it to melt the last bit of wax from the candle in our previous Reclaim : Crisp Autumn Days box, or the wax melts we are including in this season’s box. Keep reading, because, oh my, this box’s wax melts smell ah-maz-ing!

A candle warmer is a great, safe option to make your home smell like Christmas, but more pet and kid-friendly than the open flame of a candle.

Magnolia May Candle Company Wax Melts (Set / 2) : 

These wax melts were lovingly made by my friend, Megan, from Magnolia May Candle Company. Her candles and wax melts are simply incredible, and I love supporting her small business

Scent 1: “Joy” is the joyful feeling of wandering through a Christmas tree farm with family, searching for the perfect tree, and gathering around its branches all season long. With top notes of balsam fir and jasmine, middle notes of cedar, and base notes of warm clove, this fragrance will remind you of the delight of simple holiday traditions and the beloved scent of a freshly cut tree.

Scent 2 : “Winter Cottage”  is a nostalgic scent that will stir up your warmest, most wonderful winter memories: baking cookies, hot chocolate, wrapping gifts, snuggling by the fire, decorating the tree. If a Hallmark Christmas movie was a candle, this would be it! With top notes of mulled citrus and blue spruce, middle notes of cinnamon sugar, and base notes of cedar, lighting this candle makes it feel as if Christmas has finally arrived.

Her scent descriptions are perfection, right? I can almost smell them now.

I love the tradition of getting a fresh-cut Christmas tree every year. That’s not an option for everyone, though. However, these wax melts are.

Thank you for sticking with this longer-than-usual post. I hope you are as thrilled and excited as I am. Not only for your RECLAIM : Tradition box, but also for the coming holiday season. Please share with us, in the comments, your memories, and traditions that you hope to reclaim this year. Are they similar to ours? Completely different? 

From our Weathered Wood Home to yours . . . Merry Christmas!

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