Welcome Spring and our new Spring 2022 Box- RECLAIM : Resolutions

What if we treated the seasons as we do each New Year?

New resolutions, a time to reset and reevaluate, intentional actions make us the best versions of ourselves.

Reclaim Box

When coming up with this Spring's RECLAIM Box, this idea sparked magic in my soul. I set about the process of gathering items for you that would make light work of setting simple, achievable, and oh-so-very easy resolutions. Good habits that are simple, beautiful, and caring of the over-worked, over-stressed, and over-committed human that you are.

Resolution #1 : Making Time For Creativity.

Reclaim Box

What a gift creativity can be! Taking small moments to create beauty, meaning, or love genuinely nourishes the soul. I have been painting recently. A habit I struggle to find the time for. But, when I do, wow, is it sweet for the soul. In this box I am including a print of this floral I painted just for you. Printed on gorgeous handmade cotton paper, let this little print be your prompt to join me in a new creative habit. Pair it with this box's magnetic frame as a constant reminder to get creative, or tuck it into a journal or planner as visual inspiration just for yourself. 

Resolution #2 : Drink More Water.

Sure, we all know water is wonderful for us. Life-giving, moisturizing, healthy, but it's also just . . . water. I have found that I am more apt to drink water when I make it just a bit more special. The pink hibiscus tea included in our Spring RECLAIM : Resolutions Box is the perfect trick! The recipe included in the box gives you the flavor-kick you need to drink, drink, drink. Make a pitcher, chill, and enjoy. Plus, you get the added benefits of honey, raspberries, and citrus. Your body will thank you. 

Resolution #3 : Rest, Real Rest. 

Reclaim Box

Sleep is a beautiful thing. But, if you are like me, finding ways to calm my mind can be a challenge. Luckily, I found this lavender mist, and it has the soft, soothing fragrance that triggers a restful night's sleep. Never overwhelming, perfectly scented, and just right when sprayed on your pillowcase or a light mist on your face. Make letting go of the stress of your day-to-day just a little easier in 2022.

Resolution #4 : Organize Your Weekly Goals.

Reclaim Box

This resolution is a practice, not a product. You can do it all, but you cannot do it all at once. Take a moment at the beginning of your week to define your goals. Then, determine three goals for yourself each day. By doing this, you will accomplish it all and banish the feelings of overwhelm and being behind . . . because those feelings are so 2021. This has been a game-changer for me, and I hope it helps you too.

Resolution #5 : Less and Less Screen-Time.

Reclaim Box

Yes, I give myself the same advice I give my kids, and now I am giving it to you. Set a timer for how long you'll be in front of your screens. Accomplish that work, catch up on social media, text your friends and loved ones, and then disconnect. These blue-light blocking glasses help me ease the screen-time strain while also serving as an intentional reminder that once they are off, so am I.

Resolution #6 : You are Deserving of Self-Care.

Reclaim Box

Let me repeat that — YOU are deserving of self-care. This incredibly refreshing sugar scrub by Aria Rose Bath Co. is not only exfoliating but also turns into lotion in the shower. Eight ounces of eucalyptus mint decadence turns your shower into a mini-spa. Mindfully and intentionally use this creamy scrub daily and remember your worth. You do so much for everyone else. In 2022, it's time to take time for yourself.

Our RECLAIM : Resolutions Box is ready and waiting for you. Consider this the permission you may need to gift yourself better habits and more love in 2022.

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