Three Ways to RECLAIM : Tradition this Holiday Season

Everyone has their individual traditions and the ways that they like to experience them. You know I appreciate that — I curate my merchandise with this same philosophy all year-’round. Most recently, I held my customers’ individualism close to my buying-heart when searching high and low for this winter season’s RECLAIM : Tradition Box. And I can’t wait to show you what we came up with!

When I launched my RECLAIM Boxes, I had simplicity in mind. A box that you could grab on a whim and enjoy when you needed that certain pick-me-up in your day-to-day routine. What I didn’t take into account is the love with which you all responded! I. Am. Blown. Away.

I am grateful and proud of the reception you gave the RECLAIM : Crisp Autumn Days Box. Like, so much gratitude. I want this to be a spectacular gift that you can give yourself or a friend that you love, on your terms. That’s why I decided to now give you three ways to purchase — you pick what works for you! While you do that, I’ll be over here picking the items that I hope will continue to spark joy and warmth in your heart.

the reclaim box

Buying option #1 : (NEW!) Subscribe. This option gives you a guaranteed box each and every season. A subscription to our RECLAIM Box gives you your own access to our subscriber portal. This little bonus makes augmenting your box easy as pie! Additionally, we use this portal to offer up the occasional discount and special buy. Are you excited over this option? Because we sure are! 

Of course, we want this to be a long-term relationship, but we understand how life goes, so you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime with the click of a button.

Buying option #2 : Join our Insider List. This is for our easy/breezy, low commitment friends. Friend, I get you. As an insider, you'll get the first option (24 hour head start to be exact) to purchase a one-time-buy box! It's the same Reclaim Box that subscribers get but without the subscription- buy as many as you'd like! BUT with the limited quantity you would want to act fast because when they're gone, they're gone!

Buying option #3 : Take a chance on our online store. Where are my no commitment friends? I see you — you risk-takers! A periodic pop-over to our website may give you a chance to snag a remaining box for you or a friend. Hey, you never know — it could happen! And, you might get that oh-so-fun, “I just won the lottery” kind of feeling!

The Reclaim Box

The beauty that comes with boutique ownership is that I get to dive deeper into a world of gorgeous goods and into the creation of incredible products and spaces. Plus, I have the honor of constantly making our systems work better for you. I'm incredibly blessed!

Our RECLAIM Boxes may be blissfully one size fits all, but thankfully now, how you purchase them is not.

Tell me how you will get your RECLAIM : Tradition Box. Will you subscribe a sister or a friend for the ultimate Christmas gift? Or will you join our Insider's List to snag a one-time-buy?

BTW, friend . . . our Winter 2021 RECLAIM : Traditions Box contents will be revealed on December 1st! So come back soon!

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