This First Year As A Brick and Mortar Boutique Owner Has Me Wondering . . .

When do you decorate for Christmas? 

Our family savors the tastes, smells, and all the feels of Thanksgiving, so we usually wait until after the pumpkin pie has been eaten to break out the Christmas decor . . . music . . . and candles . . . and lights . . . and . . .

Retail, however, that’s a whole different story! Big box stores or little box, like us, are all about preparing for what our customers need next. And, I kind of get the retail rush better now. I’m not endorsing Christmas on the shelves of Weathered Wood Home in August. Oh, no. That’s a hard pass. But, my customers deserve a jump start. To know that everything they need, and everything they want, for the coming season, is on our display tables, or hanging from our branches, as the case may be.

The perfect mug for your mother-in-law — check! 

The prettiest ornament for your child’s teacher — check! 

A new charcuterie board for those holiday hosting moments — check!

A soft, sweet, sweater for your niece — check!

A candle for that neighbor that goes out of her way for you all year long — check!

I want Weathered Wood Home (the shop and the .com) to be a place where you can come for inspiration and long, lingering shopping moments. But, also that trusted place you can simply dash into, because you know that the perfect gift/piece/object is there, at the ready, when YOU need it.

So, while it’s been a holiday-fest in the shop for almost a month now… at home, it’s almost time for me to whisper goodbye to my autumnal decor, and enthusiastically embrace the Forge-Christmas wonderland! 

The retail world is catering to our desire to be prepared, but don’t let that rush you. Light your pumpkin candle one more time. Snuggle in under your plush, plaid throw blanket tonight. And, give those pumpkins and gourds, with their lush, deepening hues, a few last glances. Christmas and all its lovely trimmings are coming, no matter what. Autumn is fleeting, but still oh-so-very sweet. Take the next days to truly savor these last moments. 

When you’re ready, I’ll be here, with cute Christmas ornaments, adorable hostess gifts, and all the perfect mugs just waiting to be the next-best gift someone in your life has ever received.

When do you decorate for Christmas? Is your style to have that Christmas tree up when serving your Thanksgiving meal? Does the house look festive on December 1st, but not a day earlier? Talk to me in the comments. I’m curious to learn how other people handle the crossover period that Thanksgiving and Christmas have become.

Until next time, I’m wishing you warm, amber-hued evenings or lovely, crisp winter nights, whichever mode works for you right now.


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