NEW Designs + Spring Signs to Brighten Your Home

I wasn't going to list these signs...

As I write this blog post, our country is dealing with the Coronavirus.  It seems like no one really knows what's going on, what to do, and what the future holds.  Many of us moms are working at home while homeschooling our kids, trying to keep life as normal as possible.  

Major events are canceled, businesses are closed, and hospitals are bracing for a flood of cases to treat... very nerve-wracking and unsettling times to say the least.  We're supposed to social-distance from each other, but it's so counter-intuitive for us during a time of crisis when we really want to come together.

So, while I wasn't going to list these signs because I didn't want to seem insensitive to what's happening in our world, I decided to move forward as planned before all the craziness erupted.  And I'm doing this because I want to come together to support small businesses and our economy.  I'm blessed to have an online shop where I can still offer you some happy mail and retail therapy during this trying time.  Since I don't have a physical store door to shut, I want to keep mine open in order to then pay it forward to another small business that does have a physical door that's temporarily closed.

It's my way to contribute to getting our country back on track... and spring will come!!! (literally and figuratively).

Where flowers bloom, so does hope and I want to give you hope and encouragement.  I also want to send you a bit of cheer to brighten up your home as we gladly welcome warmer weather, green grass, sunshine, and flowers!

I'll be listing these signs Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00 PM (Central Time)... 

Here are some previews below of what you can expect!

I must have flowers, always, and always

Claude Monet

You already know, I LOVE flowers!!!!  Especially wildflowers!  So my spring signs, of course, had to include sketches of flowers!  I think together with the reclaimed wood frames these are stunning pieces of art for your home.

Cherish the details!  I love the little things... the little details are what make these frames unique and so special.  The chipped paint, the history... just so much dang character in each and every frame.  I've been holding on to this vintage trim with flowers on it for a few years now because I wanted the perfect spring sign for it!  I believe these are it!  I hand-lettered "Live life in full bloom" and put it together with the salvaged wood frame to make it a complete one-of-a-kind piece for your home.




And with my favorite season comes my favorite holiday... Easter!!!  I love to celebrate my savior Jesus Christ reclaiming me as his own by giving his life to pay for my sins.  One of my favorite songs is "My Living Hope" by Phil Wickam because in it he explains the gospel. So I knew I wanted to hand-letter those lyrics to be both an Easter sign as well as a sign for your home all year as a reminder to us.

I also wanted to make a sweet and simple sign "I am reclaimed" because it's a statement for us that relates to when Jesus said, "It is finished"... He bought us back at that moment.  He reclaimed us, let us never forget that.

I'll also have more of your favorite statement pieces!  Including my largest sign "Bring attention to the now. Savor the simple. Cherish the details. Breathe the lovely. And live fully thankful."  It measures 22" x 28".

And NEW every day sign designs!  Some with lettering that's slightly distressed to give it even more character!

I think these will be new favorites for sure!

And let's remember during this time "don't dig up in doubt, what you planted in faith"

Don't doubt that God isn't good during this challenging time... he's in control and we need to keep our faith as we trust in Him!  Let us laugh without fear of the future!

I hope you love these spring signs friend!  Please hop on over to Instagram and let me know what you think!


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