NEW changes to our signs starting September 21st!

I have HUGE news for you!!!  On September 21st, everything is about to change with my signs!  I'm keeping what makes them beautiful and unique but making them even more custom, personal, and versatile for you!  There will now be 3 ways you can shop my signs: a frame, a print, or both!

Here's what you can expect...

1. You can purchase a frame!!

Don't worry, the reclaimed wood FRAMES aren't going anywhere!  After all my business name is Weathered Wood Home.  But they'll be just that... frames!!  That's right, I'm finally offering frames and my sign designs separately!

The frames are still made from the chippy white barn wood, reclaimed bead board, vintage trim and any unique and authentically old wood I can find.  Each frame will come with a sawtooth hanger that you can choose where to place depending on if you want your frame to be a vertical or horizontal orientation.

While the frames will not come with glass, they will come with a sturdy backing board to hold prints, photos, or artwork in.  Of course you can add glass if you want!  And you can also always swap out that backing board with an easel back if you want your frame to stand up instead of being hung on a wall.  You can make your frames pop even more by adding a matte border.  So what will you put in your frame?!  A photo, artwork, or my signs... so many options friends!!

I'll be restocking my frames every month just like I did previously with my signs.  Since each one is one-of-kind, I only photograph and list frames that I already have made for the month and are ready to ship to you!  That way what you see is exactly what you get and no long waits for receiving your happy mail!

First frame restock will be Monday evening, September 21st at 8:00 pm Central Time!

2. You can purchase a print!!

My sign designs will no longer be painted on wood; they will instead now be offered on handmade cotton paper!  And they'll be made to order, so you'll always be able to get the exact design you want!

This is not your regular copy paper... this is thick, textured handmade paper with beautiful deckled edges. And when the paper is in my frame you cannot tell the difference from the previous wood signs at all! 

The rustic edging compliments the weathered frames because they're both perfectly imperfect and each one is unique giving them so much character and interest! You can honestly display these prints alone without a frame just as beautifully. 

The paper is archival, meaning it won't yellow over time and each design is printed with high-quality ink. The designs will really show off the texture of my hand-lettered designs and now allow me to offer you custom and semi-custom designs!

3. We can work with you to create a custom piece!

We can get creative with colors, art prints, and personalization which will make your print completely unique to you! This will also make your gift-giving game off the charts! Here's just a couple ides for you...

  • Wedding gift with the lyrics to the bride and groom's first dance song
  • Baby shower gift with baby's name and quote from the mom's favorite nursery book
  • Baptism gift with favorite bible verse

... and I honestly have sooooo many more ideas that I'd love to share with you!

I'll have some pre-made "semi-custom" templates for you to choose from too if you want a personal piece but don't have the time for a custom design!  

I hope you love these new changes that make my signs truly unique for YOU!  I wanted you to have pieces that are meaningful for your home.  I know you love all the chippy goodness of the frames, now you can really make them your own!

It makes me smile so much knowing that photos of your family could be in these frames.  I love that I can now make any quote or design you'd like.  It means so much to think that you might frame your kid's artwork or a family recipe in them. I can just picture a gallery wall of these frames in your home!

Just thinking of all the endless possibilities in which you'll make these frames and signs your own brings me so much joy.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your home and help create a meaningful space for you and your family!


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  • Hi Lindsey and Happy New Year!

    Was looking for a 5 × 7 chippy paint frame and wondered if you had any for sale? I just love that look. Want to get to your store one of these days. Congratulations on your new business!

    Tammy Lierz

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