Meaningful and Unique Pieces of Art for Your Home

I know you're intentional about what you bring into your home; especially about what you choose to hang on your walls.  Words are powerful and can make us feel a certain way.  They can be statements about what our family believes and what we want to reflect in our home.  They can be mantras for our life and reminders of how we want to live.

love grows best in little houses sign

One reason I love the "Love grows best in little houses" quote (besides that it's from a 90's country song... did you know that??) is because the family that hangs that sign on their wall is stating that they love their little home; that they're proud of their little home; that while the rest of the world wants bigger homes they intentionally want a smaller one because they like the closeness it brings for their family.

reclaimed wood framed signs

live simply sign

They can be mantras for our lives.  I know I can get caught up in the complexity of today's culture.  It can seem like we're always rushing towards more, more, more when what we really need is more simplicity.  That sign can be a simple reminder (pun intended) for us.

these are the days sign

"These are the days"... a sign with that quote reminds us that we need to be living in the present.  That the past is gone and the future is not guaranteed.  It reminds us that we need to soak up these everyday moments we're given.  Because the present time is just that... a gift.

the most important work sign

"The most important work you'll ever do will be within the walls of your own home" is almost a necessity for any momma's home.  Listen, friend, because I'm guilty of this as well, it's easy to overlook the little things we do for our families because they don't seem as important as outside tasks.  I love how this quote pulls me back down to the reality of what truly matters at the end of the day.

Welcome Sign

I love how this welcoming quote lets everyone who enters your home know that they are welcomed with grace.

live in grace walk in love sign

And speaking more of grace, this quote "live in grace, walk in love" reminds us to give grace and love to others just like we would want others to do the same for us.

reclaimed wood handmade signs

Welcome sign

handmade wood signs

let your glory fill this house sign

Some signs like the one above can also serve as daily prayers we say each time we read it.

it's so good to be home sign

Or it can be something we say every time we walk through the door after being gone for a while.

live in grace walk in love quote

may these walls quote

They can reflect what we hope for our homes as well.

hand lettered wood signs

live simply sign

these are the days sign

large piece of art for your home

The quote above is exactly what I personally hope for my home.  It's an original quote from a friend of mine and I wanted it to be offered in the largest size I could make because it's such a statement piece.  This signature sign is 22"x28" and will be offered every month because it will forever be my favorite quote.  It's definitely a statement piece both figuratively and literally. 

large reclaimed wood sign

These signs will be listed in my shop on December 9th, 2019 at 8:00 pm (central time) and my hope is that you'll find one (or many!) that are meaningful to you and would fit perfectly in your home.

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  • Would love just a nice chippy frame roughly 30×40 how much and is it possible. Would actually like it to be a chalk board

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  • Hi Madeline! It’s $98.50 with $7 shipping, but you can save 15% when you join my VIP List! Here’s the link to do that :)

    Lindsey Forge
  • What is the price for the “love grows best in little houses…….”


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