Living in Perfect Imperfection

Vintage style is NOT just for the home; it's a way of life! Our NEW Lifestyle Line reflects your laid-back style and is perfect to wear while out junkin' or shopping vintage markets. Casual-cute, comfortable, simple but significant style with distressed details that show off your love for the perfectly imperfect.  Click HERE to shop the new collection!

Tell me if you do this too...

Whenever my friends and I are getting together we will always ask each other "what are you going to wear??"  I guess that's our way of making sure we're staying current in our fashion while dressing the part with where we're going.

I've wanted to create this Lifestyle Line for quite awhile now because:

1.  I have a feeling you are much like me and would share a similar laid-back style.

2.  I wanted to help you out with what I would recommend wearing while out shopping vintage markets or junkin!

So pretend we're going shopping together at Vintage Market Days and you're calling me up asking me "Lindsey, what should I wear??"

This is what I would tell you...

What to wear to Vintage Markets:

I've noticed there is a certain "casual-cute" way of dressing when shopping vintage markets.  First and foremost, when you're shopping markets you are prioritizing comfort.  The market is likely outside and you would be doing lots of walking, so you don't want to get overly dressed up.

At the same time though, shopping at a market is an event!  You've been looking forward to it for awhile and you're likely making it a girls-day-out with your friends.  It's such a fun shopping experience so you want to look and feel your best while you're there!

So you need to find a middle ground of feeling cute while being comfortable. 

If you're going to be shopping spring or fall markets, I would recommend wearing jeans and a cute jacket.  You can always ditch your jacket if it gets too warm, but it makes for a cute layering piece and keeps you warm in the earlier part of the day if it's chilly.  Throw on your chippy white t-shirt because it looks so cute with your jeans and since it's a fitted jersey fabric it won't feel bulky under your jacket.  Since it's incredibly soft you'll feel comfortable in it all day.  And if you're planning on grabbing lots of items while out shopping, you may opt for wearing your chippy white t-shirt in the gray color just so you feel more at ease if it gets dirty. If you're up for wearing a low-heel bootie then go for it!  If you want to wear a more comfortable shoe your chippy white t-shirt will look perfect with tennis shoes too!

If it's going to be hot, rainy, or windy I have the perfect suggestion for you... wear your distressed vintage hat!  Then you can feel comfortable knowing you look cute while avoiding a hair frizzing disaster.  It's also the perfect hat to throw on while out gardening, at the lake or pool, grocery shopping, at a ball game... honestly where can't you wear this cute hat?!

Well, I guess you wouldn't wear it to church...

BUT here's what you could wear...

Our 'Reclaimed' wood bar necklace is perfect for dressing up just as much as it is for looking casual.  The word 'reclaimed' can mean so much and it'll be different for each person.  

You might love the word because it shows your love for all things reclaimed and rustic.  

Or you might love how the word reminds you of your faith and how Jesus reclaimed you when he died and rose again.  What a great way to share your faith with someone when they ask what your necklace says! 

Or (since the necklace is reversible) you might prefer showing the blank side of the reclaimed wood bar and just let the beauty of the salvaged wood do the talking.  It makes for a great layering piece that way!

I hope you love the new Lifestyle Line and see your style reflected in it! It's the perfect way to live in perfect imperfection!  You can click HERE to shop our new collection and find what fits perfect for you or what would make a great gift for a friend!

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  • Hello! Would love to order the “vintage” baseball cap, but the website is telling me “page not found” or that “there is nothing in the lifestyle line” at the moment. Not sure if it’s a technical difficulty, or if the website is correct. Please let me know. Thank you!


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