Let’s Talk About . . . Easy

But first, the hard. So much about modern living is hard. Am I right? 





Raising children.

Keeping up with Instagram. Who actually has time for reels???

It’s all sooo hard. The holidays this year have me craving easy

Easy is not Pinterest-level holiday perfection. Oh, no!

Those soft, simple moments, surrounded by warmth, love, yummy smells, and those we adore. That’s “the easy” I’m talking about. Our RECLAIM : Traditions Box is based on this vibe. 

From the warm, fuzzy socks to the candle warmer with wax melts that smell like Christmas perfection — we are leaning heavy into these easy ways to spark traditions. After all, ladies, you spent 2021 making magic all year long. You deserve a merry & bright Christmas more than ever.

I want to give a little bit of that magic back to you this holiday, so I curated a playlist just for you. Merry Christmas, my loves!

This playlist, found on Amazon Music, features 50 of my favorite Christmas tunes. Just snap the QR code found below and start streaming. Easy, right?!

Christmas Song Playlist

In a world full of hard, I hope this small gesture reminds you just how strong, loved, and deserving of easy you are. 

Tell me . . . what is your very favorite Christmas song? Is it on this playlist? What songs should I add next year? I hope you are finding moments in this busy season to breathe in easy delight and exhale the hard. Merry Christmas to all and to all an easy night. ❤️

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