Introducing-- The Reclaim Box

UPDATE: We have made the Reclaim Box into a quarterly subscription! Now you won't have to worry about missing out on some happy mail!


I am so excited to finally reveal the big news!

We're launching a seasonal gift box and they'll be listed September 8th!! We'll also have a Mini Market that will be listed on our website that compliments each box (more info about that at the bottom).

This is something I've wanted to do before even opening my brick & mortar boutique, but I didn't know exactly how to make it happen. Flash forward almost 2 years, and I've put together a fun way to bring my boutique to you. 

It's called The Reclaim Box and its a quarterly surprise gift to yourself (or a friend!) that prioritizes handmade, quality goods as well as introducing you to other small businesses and makers.


The Reclaim Box


I wanted to create this box to serve as a gift to you and a reminder that it’s the little things that can make every day feel like a special occasion.  When your cup is full you can then pour over into your family. It is a creative way for me to bring my boutique to you, but I want it to be more than that.

I want it to go beyond the box and inspire you to create meaningful moments in your life and home. I want you to feel excited for the upcoming season every time you open your box.  I want to focus on quality over quantity (with everything in life) and give you the reminder that you don’t need more, you need meaningful.


Fall Picnic


Here are the details-

  • Every season I'll have a gift box of 6 high-quality, curated items around a theme- something I feel we would all like to “reclaim” for the upcoming season.
  • The items will be a surprise because honestly- it's just more fun that way! But the theme will be announced ahead of time, plenty of hints will be given, and you'll be able to see what past boxes contained to give you a good idea on what's included.


  • This box's theme is: Reclaim- Crisp Autumn Days

That first crisp Autumn day invigorates us in the morning with its fresh new start and then calms us in the evening with the coziness we feel inside. The items in this box capture all the Fall feels and inspire you to make the most of the cozy season.

 (I'll let you in on 2 of the items though included in this first box- a Weathered Wood Home reclaimed wood frame and print! Since my frames are so limited I wanted to make sure everyone who got this first box would get a frame. So if you haven't been able to snag one yet, here's your chance!)


  • I've personally used and loved all items in the box- they're truly my favorite things! Each box could include home decor, greens or florals, bath and body, candles, food items, lifestyle pieces, and more.
  • Your box will ship to you in 5-7 business days- so waiting for your happy mail isn't long!
  • It's not a subscription box. They're offered on a first come first serve basis and there is a limited amount. If boxes are sold out, be sure to join our Waitlist! That will help us know how many boxes to offer for the next time and you'll be the first to be notified when they are listed  :)


Reclaim Boxes


What makes the Reclaim Box unique?

First and foremost, I never want to offer you pieces that aren't functional. The point of this box is to use the items in your everyday life to make the season feel more special.


Our Mini Market-

Each week we'll list different items in our Mini-Market that will compliment our box's theme. It's a fun way to shop if surprise boxes aren't your thing :)

And you know there will be unique, found items listed because I love small-batch, specialized pieces.


Reclaimed Home Decor


The Makers- 

I want the emphasis to be on supporting other makers and small businesses from the U.S. so each box will highlight one artisan in particular along with their item.


Support Small Businesses


Beyond the Box-

The fun doesn't stop once you get your box. On our blog we'll post weekly fun and inspirational ideas on how you can use your items and make the most of the theme.


Fall Picnic

You might still be having lots of questions so I created a FAQ page you can check out with more detailed info! If you still have questions though please feel free to email me and ask away!

I hope this inspires you to make every day feel special.




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  • Cathy Gunn

    This sounds wonderful! You are such a caring and loving lady💗

  • Devon Berke

    I’m so excited! What a perfect way to get my home started for Fall decor!

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