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How to Style a Shelf - 3 Tips to Remember

Open shelving is such a great way to display pieces of decor that you love.  You can easily switch out the items with the seasons and rearrange them when you're feeling like you need a change.  But there are some "rules" to keep in mind when styling them.  Following these 3 tips will help you avoid cluttered and unappealing shelves.

Tip #1: Create Layers

Layers will add interest and dimension to your shelves.  You don't want to have your pieces lined up evenly in a single row; doing so would make your items appear flat.  Your larger items should be more towards the back and your smaller pieces should be brought towards the front.  Breadboards and opens frames are great items to place towards the back while your more detailed and smaller items are layered in front of them.  

Open shelving decor tips

Image by @myfarmhousegrounds

Tip #2: Think of Balance

You don't want one side of the shelf to appear heavier.  I have a few ways to help you. 

  • Group your items in odd numbers.  Arranging items in groupings of three or five is visually more appealing. 
  • Don't place two items that are about the same height next to each other.  You want to have varying heights.  If your items are about the same size or height you can place one of them a stack of books. 
  • Mix horizontal and vertical pieces; big pieces with small pieces. 

how to style open shelves

Image by @farmsteadonfirst

Tip #3: Add Life to Your Shelf

This one is so important but often gets overlooked.  If you don't add some life and meaning to your shelf it will feel cold and impersonal.  Place a framed photo of a loved one on your shelf.  Or add a sign that has a quote or verse that resonates with you.  Mix in some greenery with plants or flowers.

There you have it, friends!  Layers, balance, life!  Now have some fun playing around with it and try different arrangements until you settle on one that feels right!  And remember, open shelves are such an easy way to display your Weathered Wood Home signs!

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