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How to Make a Coat Rack from a Repurposed Door Panel

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I know you appreciate unique decor that serves a function as much as I do. You need things in your home to have its place; to be put away in its spot or hung up where it needs to go. Coats, towels, backpacks, purses, keys… oh my, there are so many items that need to be hung up in our homes.   

Why not get creative with what we hang those pieces on? After all, it’s a double win when you combine style with function! You love repurposed architectural salvage… the history, the character, all that chippy paint goodness!   

In this post, you’ll learn how to repurpose an architectural salvaged door into a towel rack with this simple and easy DIY project! It’s the perfect upcycled project for you if you’re a beginner who loves using reclaimed wood and wants to add shabby-chic style to their home. 

“Just because something is primarily used for function in our home doesn’t mean it can’t be unique and interesting right?”

When we first moved into our home, I was obsessive about everything having its place. I wanted there to be a coat rack when you entered our home so you knew where to hang up your jacket. I wanted there to be a hanging rack for backpacks in our “command center” (that’s what I call the spot in our house where backpacks, mail, purses, etc are unloaded). And I obviously needed towel racks for our bathrooms to hang up towels.   

But the problem I faced was that I didn’t want to use a builder grade rack, or one that came from a big box store like everyone else was using. Just because something is primarily needed for function in our home doesn’t mean it can’t be unique and interesting right? I know you agree! You want every inch of your home to be unique like you.  

Styled coat rack

This simple DIY project is as easy as 1… 2.... 3.  There are only 3 things you’ll need and only 3 steps to make it! 

You’ll Need: 

  1. A salvaged door panel 
  2. Hooks 
  3. Drill and screws 

Here are some links to find what I used for this project.   

Farmhouse hooks- click HERE 

Drill with battery- click HERE 

Trim screws- click HERE 

To find a repurposed door panel, read this post HERE about my tips on where to find architectural salvage. 



1. Decide where you want to hang your hooks on the panel and mark them with a pen

Marking where to drill

2. While holding the hook in place, use your drill to screw your hook into the panel. (click HERE to learn how to use a drill) 
3. Attach the panel to your wall by drilling into a stud with a trim screw* 

*A trim screw has a small head that’s meant to finish flush with the surface. It hides very well making it less noticeable. 

Using a Drill
Hanging up door panel
Styled coat rack close-up

I told you it was easy! But it does help to watch the How-To video I have above. Check it out and then tell me in the comments if you liked this DIY project idea!

And be sure to download my FREE checklist My 50 Favorite Flea Market Finds to know which vintage treasure are my absolute favorites!

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