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3 Tips for Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine's Day is the holiday for love and chocolate, fancy dinners and flowers.

But there's one problem with this holiday... how in the world do you decorate for it?? 

It can be tricky, right?  The holiday can get real cheesy real fast.  But there's good news, there are ways to incorporate Valentine's Day decor into your home without it looking too juvenile.  In fact, these ideas are all not only the perfect blend of tasteful and rustic, but they're so cute that you could keep them up for longer.


Here are 3 tips for incorporating Valentine's decor into your home.

#1: Valentine's Day decor does not have to be pink or red

I know you're a neutral loving girl like me.  Color can be hard for us... especially pink.  I love to wear pink, but as far as decorating with it in my house.. ugh not so much.  Even if I did love it my husband absolutely would not.  Fortunately, there are a few small shops I know that have beautiful items for the holiday that are neutral.  This pillow pictured below is from the shop With Lavender and Grace.  Bianca makes the most beautiful handmade pillows (so soft!) and I know you would love them.

handmade love you more pillow

#2: You do not have to decorate your whole house

This is not Christmas, keeping things simple is key to keeping this decor tasteful.  You don't want your home to look like cupid invaded. Sticking to one area of your home such as a mantel works best.  I have an old chippy white window displayed on my mantel in January.  When February 1st rolls around I simply drape a heart garland on it and layer a sign in front of it.  I use one of my signs because the chippy painted frame goes with my rustic decor and the quote is about love so it works for the love holiday.  Signs are such a great way to decorate for the holidays because you can easily switch them up. 

handmade chippy white framed sign

Another great Valentine's piece to layer on your mantel is this reclaimed wood heart (pictured below) from Rustic Occasions.  Each piece Amiee creates is unique and full of character!

handmade reclaimed wood heart

#3: You do not have to decorate for it at all 

Bet you didn't see that one coming, but it's true!  Celebrating a holiday does not have to involve decorating.  It's about celebrating!  Choose to make the holiday about a tradition you do each year.  If you have kids, make it about creating Valentine cards for each other.  You could also bake heart shaped cookies for a neighbor or deliver flowers together to someone in a nursing home.  Have some fun creating a candlelight dinner for the family, and for dessert why not make some Cupid Floats?  It's simply vanilla ice cream with strawberry pop, easy right?!  Keep things simple and enjoy the holiday of love with those you love most.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the pink and red heart shaped box.  The holiday is whatever you want to make it! 

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