Spring Collection Fragrances

Clean, fresh, and floral… our first candle collection embodies the BEST of how spring makes us feel!

Spring is my favorite season and here’s why: it’s a fresh new beginning. It’s the first season of the year to kick off a year of seasons! It’s when the sun warms us again. It’s when color comes back. It’s when bird chirping returns. To me, it’s just when it feels like I come back to life after a few months of being still. I think every season has its purpose and I do embrace the quiet, reflective part of winter; partly because it makes spring feel that much better. Well, spring is finally around the corner now, and our spring candles reflect the memories and feelings that the season brings. So let’s get into the fragrances, shall we?


Eucalyptus- This scent is FRESH!!! After a winter season of dark, cold, and sickness… I wanted to offer a scent that smells so fresh and so clean but in a sophisticated and classy way. Invigorating, cool mint leaves mingled with fresh eucalyptus and bright lemon will make you feel like you're in a luxury spa. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this scent… it’s a favorite that works all year and in any home. It’s the perfect scent for fresh new beginnings!


Lemon & Lilac- This scent is personal to me. I know we all love spring cleaning, right? Ok maybe not the cleaning itself, but the feeling you have after you spring clean is so good! You just feel lighter, like you can finally exhale deeply. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my mom deep cleaning around the house in spring. And even as a kid, I remember feeling so light and happy as the house got cleaner and smelled better. I remember asking to help and she would spray a paper towel with Lemon Pledge for me to use. The whole house smelled like lemons and because of that, I associate the smell of clean with lemons to this day. She also loved lilacs. We had a lilac bush by our mailbox and she would cut stems from it every time it bloomed. I remember the house smelling lemony-clean with a vase of lilacs on the counter after our day of spring cleaning was done. I had to have a candle that smelled like lemons and lilacs because that is my childhood memory about spring and a connection to my mom. Only this candle smells WAY better than the lemon pledge I promise!!! Crisp Calabrian lemon combines with herbal notes of basil & lilac leaf to capture the brightness of a sunny day. It’s happiness in a candle!


Dried Lavender- A classic scent for all year, but in particular spring. It’s fresh like eucalyptus, happy like lemon & lilac, but calming in its own way. Confession: I didn’t think I’d ever have a lavender candle because I could not find a lavender scent that I liked. They were either too perfumey, too powdery, or over herbal smelling. I just wanted the classic smell of a dried bundle of lavender, just like the ones I would buy at vintage markets in the spring. Well, I finally found one just a few weeks ago and last minute decided to put it in our first collection. And it really does smell just like dried lavender sprigs. Like you’re walking through a beautiful lavender field and smelling the fresh air, earthiness, and calming aroma from simple, natural lavender.


Palo Santo & Cedar- Another confession: I didn’t know what Palo Santo was when I first smelled this (and I’m betting you don’t either... silly me thought it was place in California lol)... and I assumed I wouldn’t like it (and I’m betting you might as well). Well, I can say I was definitely wrong and you will be so surprised by how much you love this candle! This just might become a favorite of yours all year long. So what is Palo Santo? It’s wood from a tree called Bursera graveolens, nicknamed Palo Santo, that grows in South America. For centuries, Palo Santo, which translated means “holy wood,” has been burned as an energy cleanser. The scent of this candle really does give you a grounded feeling. And warm & earthy notes of cedar blend with spicy ginger and sweet black currant that refreshes & uplifts. So it’s grounding and uplifting… I would describe it as a feeling similar to hope. Which is a perfect scent for spring and all the hope it brings for a new year. Holy wood that smells like hope… very fitting don’t you think?


Coral Rose- One last confession: I also didn’t think I could find a rose scent that I would like. Whoa was I wrong because I found the perfect one for this spring collection (and spoiler… I found another perfect one for next winter). The reason I love this rose scent is because it has zero powder, perfumey smell. This rose smells just like the coral-colored wild roses that grow alongside the gravel road I grew up on. It’s a fresh, zesty, and bright version of a country rose with bursts of juicy pink grapefruit and crushed geranium petals. It’s light and warm… reminds me of the “golden hour” when the sun is setting and the sky is a coral pink. My mom and I would often go on evening walks on our gravel road while the sun was starting to set, turning that sky into a warm coral color, and we’d pick those wild roses if we found them. It’s a wonderful memory, and spring brings back those warm sunsets and wild roses.


Cashmere- Last but definitely not least, we have cashmere. Because spring in Kansas can have just as many chilly days as it does warm days, I won’t put away my cashmere cardigan just yet! The soft and cozy feeling of a cashmere cardigan or sweater is pure bliss. It’s a luxury well worth the splurge because it’s classic and timeless. I wanted this candle to capture that pretty, classy, and timeless scent… one that smells very sophisticated. Wrap yourself in soft white cashmere with elevated scents of sweet amber & exotic saffron. Blends of orchid and tobacco leaf fold into creamy vanilla making this a luxury scent for your home... and this little luxury is way more affordable than a cashmere sweater but with the same feeling.


There you have it, our first six scents! After testing hundreds of scents and planning two years' worth of candles… finally being able to announce these first six feels great! I know launching them in just 2 short weeks will feel even better.


In the meantime, please check out my Instagram @weatheredwoodhome all this week and next because there I’ll be showing what the candles LOOK like for each scent! They’re SO cute if I do say so myself! And tell me which ones you’re most excited about!! I’m soooo anxious to know which ones intrigue you most!