From wood... to watercolor... to wax...

Alrighty , time to let you in on what I've been up to...

My new creative obsession is... making CANDLES!!!

Like you, I’ve always been obsessed with candles. I have a cabinet dedicated to just candles. I burn candles I have my go-to scents that I burn each season without fail.

The gift I always give- candles. The gift I always ask for- candles. I love, love, lovvvvve candles but had zero interest in making them… until… one of my absolute favorite candles ever was about to be discontinued.

As I said, I have my go-to scents for each season. I know it’s over dramatic but I was pretty distraught at the thought of not being to burn that scent in my home. Then I thought about that happening to all the other scents I loved. So to be proactive, I decided to try out candle-making for personal reasons.

Well, if you know me, I tend to jump into the deep end when it comes to trying out hobbies. If ever I was obsessed with burning candles, you should have seen my obsession with making them. The science behind it is fascinating! It’s so much more complicated and complex than I ever imagined. And guess what?

I was terrible at it.

My candles were absolutely awful. BUT instead of giving up, my stubbornness toward the challenge fueled me even more.

I spent countless hours researching. I spent countless hours experimenting. I spent countless hours testing. I drove my family crazy. Just when I thought they couldn’t be more irritated with me hoarding every piece of scrap reclaimed wood I could find for frames, I beat that with hundreds of glass jars scattered in the kitchen and my dining room table being overtaken by candle samples to test.

But, finally, when I got that first candle to burn successfully and our home smelled absolutely divine it was very much worth it! Being able to consistently and confidently offer you quality candles has been my goal. Now that I can finally put it out there for you, I can take your feedback and make them even better! From the fragrances to the branding, the choosing of the wick, wax, and jar, the packaging, the whole darn experience… trust me when I say I’ve thought about every detail for the longest time.

I want to take the next couple of posts to tell you more about the candles and why I think you’ll fall in love with them. I’ll explain why I chose the wax I did and why you’ll love it. I’ll tell you about the fragrances… they’re SOOOO good!!!

And most importantly, I’ll announce when you can be the first to try them out!

I didn’t think I could love making anything more than my wood frames, but making these candles has quickly become my new passion. And I cannot wait to share it with you!