Candles Details...

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with candle facts.  And at the end of this post, I’ll talk about our favorite part… the fragrance!

First and foremost, I know you’re like me and just want a clean burning candle that smells good. So what makes a clean burning candle exactly? I remember hearing that term thrown around before but never really knew what that meant exactly. I just knew those clean-burning candles were the ones that didn’t give me a headache. So for starters, a clean-burning candle isn’t made up of junk ingredients. It is also free of phthalates and parabens, which are toxic no-gos for me. I choose high-quality components for our candles so you’d have the confidence of knowing what you’re burning in your home is clean-burning and long-lasting.

Let’s talk ingredients, shall we…


What wax did I choose?

Virgin coconut soy!

If you love soy, then you'll LOVE coconut soy! It’s a luxury wax that is clean, sustainable, and looks absolutely beautiful after each burn. The tops of candles are smooth, it’s a rich and creamy wax, and it really brings out the depths and complexities of each fragrance.


What wick did I choose?

Wood wicks!

Aww, the soothing crackle of a wood wick adds another level of sensory to your candle and its ambiance. I also love the look of the flat horizontal flame; I feel it looks modern and clean. It’s functional as well because wood wicks throw the scent in the room better than their cotton counterpart. All those reasons aside, my business (Weathered Wood Home) was born from my love of wood… so having wood-wick candles makes sense!


What vessel did I choose?

Classy, simple clear jars!

Trends come and go. I wanted a classic jar that can fit into every home’s style. One that’s pretty enough to display as part of your home’s decor, but also casual enough that you aren’t hesitant to burn it! Sometimes when the candle jar is too much a part of your home decor, it becomes a “special occasion” candle that you don’t end up burning ever because you don’t want to use it up. I do NOT want my candles to become that for you… I want you to burn it all.the.time.


Seriously, burn your candle every dang day, it will make you happy!


Now for our favorite part…


What fragrances did I choose?

Complex and unique take on classic favorites. I wanted the fragrances to have a familiarity 

that comforts and inspires, but that has been elevated with many layers of interesting note combinations.

For example: I have a candle coming this Fall (spoiler alert!) called Pumpkin Patch and it isn’t your typical pumpkin candle. I wanted it to smell like the pumpkin patch we go to every year and get me excited for that tradition.

When I close my eyes and think about our trips to that pumpkin patch, I can smell the crisp Autumn air and fallen leaves from the woods. It’s in the country, so you smell hay, prairie grass, and dried corn stalks. They have a few stone fire pits where you can roast marshmallows before you end the day picking out the best pumpkin from the patch. When we get home, we carve our pumpkins outside and roast the seeds with salt and brown sugar. I cannot tell you how much I love this tradition… and when I think of those smells it takes me right back to those memories.

So in that candle, we have top notes of gooey, toasted marshmallow combined with a little smoke for that memory of roasting marshmallows there. Then heart notes of pumpkin seeds and vetiver appear to connect to the grassy pumpkin patch itself. Rounding out the candle are base notes of cedar and cashmere which remind me of the country forest that the patch is in as well as the soft, knit sweaters you wear to it… aww sweater weather, I just love it!


I hope in that description you get a good sense of what all the candles in each season will be like. My hope is that these scents are intriguing and unique enough that your friends will say “ohhhh what is that smell?? It’s so different but so good!” But I also want these scents to be classic enough that you feel the nostalgia of those seasonal traditions that give you comfort and a sense of familiar routine.


I want these candles to provide you with inspiration to make the most of this beautiful, wonderful life! I want you to light these candles and feel like your everyday moments are special because they are.


I cannot wait to tell you what scents I’ll be launching for Spring! Stay tuned next week for the reveal of that collection. And mark your calendars for March 20th because that’s when they’ll be launching!


In the meantime, I want to know from you what your favorite candle season is… spring, summer, fall, or winter scents? I love them all because they all have their place and time, not sure I could pick a favorite! But I’m curious of yours… send me a DM on Instagram and let me know!